Papermakers G. F Smith have opened a multipurpose Show Space in central London just off Oxford Street to showcase the company’s products and history.

The two-floor paper sanctuary acts as an event and exhibition venue to offer an insight into the company’s remarkable products and history. It further provides opportunities for visitors to meet paper consultants, who will share their expertise on the brand’s collections.

At the heart of the show space is the 14-metre Collection Wall presenting every paper G . F Smith has created or discovered. Downstairs in the White Space gallery a series of exhibitions will feature “creative takeovers” by brands and designers and deeper insights into the art and science of paper-making.

The Show Space’s stunning window installation Turbulence is inspired by the element air and translates it into a riot of color. Rods of coloured paper float behind the window and create an explosive and dynamic visual effect.

The architectural concept and creative direction of the Show Space has been developed by trusted G . F Smith creative partner Made Thought, and designed in collaboration with architects d-raw.


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