A2 Letter is a new project coming out of Switzerland, offering you a constant source of surprise and creativity on your coffee table, curated by the world´s most inspiring personalities.

A2 Letter is inspiration in the format DIN A2, printed and sent twice a month to subscribers worldwide. Each letter is dedicated to one inspiring piece of work. A2letter.com receives submissions from people around the world from all creative branches. Selected curators will then choose one piece of work from this content pool for each issue. Published contents will be rewarded with €1000.


A2 Letter is reader funded and available to subscribers only for a small monthly fee.

The project initiated by Cyril Müller and Yves Stuber intends to create a source of inspiration that is based upon the idea of digital feeds, but takes advantage of the quality and superiority of analog. A2 Letter intends to connect the best of both worlds and bring sound and surprising inspiration to the homes and offices of creative minds on a regular basis. A2 Letter wants to serve as a platform for people of all ages and of all creative branches and appeal to people who enjoy a carefully curated, printed and unique source of inspiration. Upcoming curators are Forward ‘17 speaker Eike König and Marco Grob. The deadline for submissions for Eike’s edition is August 31st.



You can submit your work or subscribe on A2Letter.com