The amazing team over at Zwupp has once again created the Forward Festival design this year, drawing inspiration from Wiener Werkstätte typography and the idea-finding processes of creatives. The outcome is „The Birth of an Idea“, visualizing how creative ideas evolve.


But there’s more to it than a pretty design: After the success and appraisal of last year’s Forward campaign, Zwupp wanted to outdo themselves with the new one. They wanted it to be better, bigger and more successful. A lot of deadlines, brainfucks and creative blackouts later, they decided to turn this idea-finding process that every creative has been through into the idea itself.


The abstract figures visualize how our trains of thought evolve and new ideas are born. As you can imagine, along the way Zwupp created many posters that didn’t make it. This Gallery of Dismissed will be shown at the festival in Vienna, Munich and Zurich.


Some of our speakers will also dedicate a part of their talk to the topic. They will give insights into how they come up with new ideas and where they draw their inspiration from.