Creative directors Ill-Studio and fashion label Pigalle together with sport brand Nike have redesigned a basketball court sandwiched into a row of buildings in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.


Two years ago they first enlivened the space with bold patterns and primary colours, which were now replaced with different shades of blue, pink, purple and orange. Another addition are backboards made from translucent pink plastic were added, while the playing area and zones are marked out in white, giving the whole space a very 80ies-like look.


As part of the latest update, the white barrier concealing it from the street has been replaced with a lower wall and panels of blue mesh, so pedestrians can now have a look inside.


Ill-Studio was founded in 2007 by Thomas Subreville and Léonard Vernhet and works in various disciplines such as design, films, photography, fashion, installation and print for clients including Louis Vuitton, Supreme and The New York Times.


Photography is by Sebastien Michelini.