„Great content, but how the hell do you finance it?“ That is the basic question that every single news or media outlet has faced in the last 10 to 15 years, since the Internet has killed the old, ad based model in one giant, global swoop.

But that is not news.

We all know the story of dwindling sales and ad-income. But: as always, with a crisis comes the chance to try something new, to be creative and find new solutions to old problems.

Munich based Mucbook has tried to find a new, feasible business model by creating a Member Club for readers. For a small annual fee, they receive two issues of the magazine, a ton of goodies (free entries to clubs, free coffee at selected places, as well as free entry to special events like guided behind-the-scenes-tours at museums and art galleries). Additionally, they get the chance to be active and create themselves, on the blog and in the magazine.

Mucbook’s aim is to create a tight-knit community and an intensified exchange between people, all based on a shared interest in the cultural scene that is present in Munich.

They believe that everybody can profit from such a system: Mucbook as medium, is able to bind readers more closely to the brand and has more security concerning income from sold memberships, the partners can access their target group directly via goodies and events, as well as content on the website, and the club members can profit not only from the journalism, but also get a lot of free stuff. Yay!