Whether it’s winter-time camping aficionados, mass baptisms or the curious world of professional bodybuilders, Viennese photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek, speaker at Forward Festival 2015, has an eye for the bizarre.

His latest project Jumping Cats is a collection of comic and surreal images (and a calendar), that show Ume, Elli, Flitzie, Nevio and Fiffy flying, leaping or jumping their way across a selection of rooms in retro-looking apartments. Although the concept for each image is the same, the cats and rooms change, so each picture gives an interesting peer into the home of each airborne pet. Daniel explains how the cats ended up in mid-air:

“I spent several weeks and months in secret private sessions with the cats until they started to trust me and let loose. So they felt free and started to act as they do all the time when nobody is watching. They started to dance and jump around and I was more than welcome to take their pictures.”

The exhibition can be seen as part of Eyes On – Month of Photography, until the end of November at Verlag für Moderne Kunst / Collectors Agenda in Vienna.





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