Based in Brooklyn, illustrator Cute Brute creates delightfully risqué images with characters often in seductive poses or in offbeat situations. Mainly male-focused, the illustrator’s clean cut figures navigate a world that’s both familiar and surreal.

The eccentric nature of Cute Brute’s work is captured perfectly with two pert bottoms eating spaghetti à la Lady and the Tramp in one image and a bear-faced guy languishing by the fire with a glass of wine in another. Cute Brute’s sense of humour is wickedly on-point, as the illustrator’s style is cartoonish yet polished and so acutely observed, the images always remain on the right side of smutty.

Quirky, clever and a welcome break from the twee, Cute Brute works appear solely on Instagram. You can buy them for $40 each, or simply enjoy the naughtiness online.


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