SPACE10 in Copenhagen is a research hub and exhibition space initiated by Swedish furniture company IKEA. The innovation lab explores how different approaches and trends might influence home design and the future of living. Focused on sustainability and responsible business models the hub has been operating since 2015 in CPH’s meatpacking district.

SPACE10 interior

In 4 different labs SPACE10 conducts research on important topics that might change the way we live in the future. „The Farm“ examines how the food industry can become more sustainable and analyzes the possibilities of enhancing nutritious food production. The collaborators have recently launched the open-source project Growroom, an urban farm pavilion that looks into how cities can feed themselves through food producing architecture. The drawings and manual are available for public download here.


The Growroom exhibited at Copenhagen Opera House. Photo by Alona Vibe


„Do you speak human?“ is concerned with artifical intelligence and conversational interfaces. It analyzes human-centered technology and has recently started a survey on public perception of artificial intelligence, which you can take for yourself here.




Another research lab is „Possible Cities“ which delves into the future of cities and well-being in city environments. How can shared living spaces, design and technology impact dense urban areas in a positive way?




In the „Build with Spaces“ lab SPACE10 addresses digital fabrication, distributed manufacturing and alternative methods for designing and building spaces in a digital age. Open-source projects, democratization of design and alternative materials are just some of the topics the residents of the lab are looking into.