“Working at the magazine is a constant collaborative process, between the various departments or between the range of artists, illustrations and photographers we work with each week,” says Ben on his practice. “My day to day routine varies from designing feature stories and front-of-book pages, commissioning illustrators and conceptualising approaches for upcoming stories or issues.” After Arem Duplessis moved to Apple in 2014, Gail became the publication’s design director, overseeing each issue and Ben’s work. “One of my favourite aspects of working on a weekly magazine can at times be the most challenging —the fast pace.” The tight turnaround at The New York Times Magazine means Ben spends “typically one to three days on a design story from start to finish,” he explains. “While this often makes things exciting and satiates my desire to work with many ideas from week to week, it also means everyone has to work very quickly and decisively in order to get it done.”

The brisk pace of Ben’s work means he is “constantly being inspired by past and present design, art and culture,” says the designer. “It seems however that my biggest influences have always been those I’ve been fortunate to come into contact with.” For instance, the tutors who gave him that step up into industry, “Carin Goldberg, James Victore, John Gall, Debbie Millman, all of whom brought something different to my thinking and approach”. Now at The New York Times Magazine Ben says it’s his fellow staff that spur on his creativity. “I have been able to work alongside a truly incredible team over the years: Arem Duplessis, Gail Bichler, Matt Willey, Kathy Ryan, Jake Silverstein and the rest of our staff on all sides of design, photo and editorial.”


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